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Principal investigator

I am from Michigan's Upper Penninsula (da Yoop) and earned a PhD in Biology from Virginia Tech. I study community ecology in aquatic and terrestrial systems. My research is about how symbioses affect the broader ecology and evolution of the organisms involved (Gogle Scholar link). I teach cIasses on aquatic ecology, statistics, and DNA metabarcoding. I also like fishing, home brewing, and goofing off with my dogger.



MS Student

Darren has a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Conservation Studies from George Mason University. His project is using eDNA to study aquatic fungi in the Chesapeake Bay and the role they play in nutrient transfer. He is interested in many parts of biology but focuses his time on community ecology and aquatic ecology. In his free time Darren enjoys hiking, foraging for edible fungi, reading, and playing video games. After graduation he hopes to find a job with the state or federal government.



MS Student

Cade is a Masters student originally from Warrenton, Va. He received a B.S in Biological Sciences from Virginia Tech, where he studied juvenile crayfish development and bioinformatics. He is interested in anthropogenic disturbance, invasive species and stream ecology. At William and Mary, he is studying environmental DNA and how isolation within a stream network influences fish community structure across space and time. When not working in the lab, Cade enjoys hiking and skiing, as well as fishkeeping.



MS graduate

Mindy has a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a Biology Minor, as well as a Psychology from Penn State. She is using environmental DNA to study anthropogenic effects on biodiversity in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. She is interested in anything realted to environmental science or conservation ecology. She was also a social worker in mental health and drug and alcohol. Mindy is a distance runner and loves hiking. Her dream is to one day complete a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail, all 2,000+ miles from Georgia to Maine!



Undergraduate Researcher

Lauren is a biology major with a minor in environmental science and policy. She is interested in conservation, invasive species, public outreach, and land management. Currently in the lab working with White Nose Syndrome. Outside of the lab she can be found searching for any animal that she can get her hands on.



Class of 2023

Georgia is a biology and classical studies double major on a pre-veterinary track. She is part of Pointe Blank Dance Company, The Flat Hat newspaper, National Honor Society for Classical Studies, and Phoneathon. Outside of the lab, she loves reading ancient greek texts and volunteering at her local animal hospital!



Class of 2023

Zoe is a Biology/History double major interested in parasitology, invasive species, and their interaction with the surrounding environment. Originally from Alexandria, VA, Zoe can be found studying for GREs, hiking, and learning the banjo when not in the lab.



Class of 2022

Lauren is a biology and environmental science double major from Frederick, MD. She is interested in microbial ecology, invasive species, conservation, and aquatic invertebrates. Her senior thesis will focus the diversity and distribution of aquatic fungi in the freshwater systems of Eastern Virginia. Outside of the lab, she works at a local yarn store and enjoys reading and hiking!



Lab alumni

Alexis is a biology major from Richmond, VA. She is passionate about conservation, endangered species, ecology, water systems, and climate change and hopes to pursue a career in conservation after graduation. When she is not in the lab processing sponge samples, you can find her taking photos for the school fashion magazine or hiking with her pals!

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